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Swimming Cheetahs


For those of you who have stumbled upon my blog in the hunt for the answer to whether Cheetahs can swim, yes they can.  They don’t like it very much, but they do.  I quote from

Q: Do Cheetahs Swim?  A: Yes, Cheetahs have been known swim if they need to do so

Our Cheetahs have been swimming today too.  Despite the fact that their keeper and his sister are still really tired (but how wonderful it was last night to get back from work to be smothered in cuddles and them wanting to sit on my lap!) we agreed the at trip to the pool was in order this afternoon.  An indicator of just how tired Giles is was that he wanted to take his beloved cuddly Tesco with us to the pool – now I am well aware that the logic of 4 year olds is somewhat erratic but he’s usually pretty good at leaving Tesco somewhere safe.  So who did we take – yep, the Cheetahs.

I don’t know where they get them from, but the Cheetahs all have swimming trunks with cars on.  I guess the girl Cheetahs may have stayed at home or maybe they don’t mind showing their spots off.  I had to wait in the water and observe a row of Cheetahs lining up on the side of the pool and taking it in turns to jump in and they also came to the big pool with us – they can swim in there but I think they like the showers better.

The Banana People and Dinos had stayed at home today because they wanted to play games.  Sounds a good way to spend an autumn afternoon to me.  What do Dinos and Banana People play?  Well, they really like reading “You Choose” written  by Pippa Goodhart and illustrated by the fantastic Nick Sharratt and deciding what they want to do on each page.  They also like playing Jenga.  Obviously.  The Cheetahs have their own set of bricks but they can also get into the cupboard and get our one out so they can make an extra tall tower.  The Cheetahs are best at it apparently – but they all enjoy playing it together.  Their keeper is a bit of a demon Jenga player – I guess he must have been coaching them.

A Jenga tower falling down

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4 thoughts on “Swimming Cheetahs

  1. The cheeters have trunks with cars on – love it, love it, love it!!!!!! Your son’s imagination rocks the world. XXX

  2. Hope the swimming went well, I guess the kids are back to school today?

    • yes – back to school today. The Cheetahs have been made a new see-saw (the rest of us would call it the lid off a box) where they can all line up on each end. Their keeper’s sister is barely upright…

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