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So Why Exactly am I Blogging? – my take on the Britmums Blogging Prompt


I managed to get myself all emotional writing my Hope & Dreams blog prompt post – when I started blogging just over 2 months ago I never imagined the journey that it would take me on, nor the wonderful, welcoming community of bloggers that I’ve so far had the pleasure to ‘meet’.  So for that lovely ladies, thank you so much.

The Blogging Prompt for this week reads:

What do you hope to achieve through blogging? What makes your blog UNIQUE and SPECIAL?

I started blogging for a couple of reasons:

  1. I was encouraged by friends to find an outlet for the Cheetahs that meant that I could tell all their stories in detail – rather than just sticking to Facebook updates.
  2. It was all kind of a bit of, sort of, in an odd kind of way, for work.  We’re developing a new website and it was recommended that someone (that’ll be me then) had a “bit of a play” in WordPress.  Little did I know…

So what did I hope to achieve?  I think I wanted to make people smile – even if it was just a little bit.  Those who already followed the Cheetahs wanted to know more and this seemed a natural progression.  Then to explain the Cheetahs to the rest of the world (and for those of you reading this with absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, the Cheetahs are imaginary friends who live in my little boy’s shoes) I had to explain a bit more about us, our family and why the Cheetahs are so important.  In turn, the blog has become the story of us, our medical problems and how we deal with everything that life throws at us – all in a little over 2 months.

What makes Cheetahs In My Shoes unique and special?  Well, if you know of another blog about the life and times of a bunch of imaginary Cheetahs who can drive cars, play football and clear up rhino poo who are friends with 96 Dinos and an unspecified number of Banana People, please send me the link!

I tried to find other blogs about imaginary friends and came up with a couple written who by people who believe their kids are paranormal (I’m not going to link to them, not my cup of tea) but other than that, found nothing.  So either I’m looking in the wrong places or there’s not a lot out there.  So, a UK based mummy blog about imaginary Cheetahs – I reckon that’s what makes my blog unique!

I also think our combination of medical needs are also pretty unique – I’m told it was almost statistically impossible for me to produce a Ehlers-Danlos Type III child with reflux, hurty feet and a platelet function defect.  To be honest, I’d rather I hadn’t produced this medical conundrum but in that it comes wrapped in a very cuddly, funny, blue-eyed and at times, completely bonkers little boy, we manage.  Having conditions that don’t show are very hard to explain (although blood pouring out of his nose is a fairly obvious sign) and maybe the blog will help people understand being a parent of children with additional medical needs is like. 

Is that special or is that wallowing?  I hope it gives an insight into how we manage and that it might give people some reassurance that they’re not the only parents doing battle with one ‘system’ or another.  I also (sneakily) hope that perhaps someone who works in one of these ‘systems’ may read it and have the courage to go into work and say, “you know what, let’s try and make what we do easier for children and their families”.   That would be awesome.

To add an extra question to the end of the prompt – what am I actually achieving through blogging?  Well…

It’s making me think!  About how I parent, what people will think of what I’m writing, about what’s going on in the world around me and what I perceive is the right thing to do.  I’ve wondered whether I’ll be judged, how I manage the grand juggle of work/life/kids/health and whether writing this just makes me look stupid.  The personal blog prompt made me cry, as has reading other blogs – and I’ve questioned whether the emotional rollercoaster that I seem to have embarked on was part of the deal.  What’s this achieved?  I’ve been honest with myself (I think) and I’ve found a means of expressing how I feel about certain things – and seeing as I’d have just had those thoughts whizzing around my head for days (and nights) on end – getting them written into proper, thought out and considered words has got be healthy.

Finally – I need you to let me know about this one…  I really hope I’m making some of you smile!  I hope you’re enjoying the Cheetahs, the Banana People and the Dinos and what they get up to – they’re a pretty cool bunch to live with (although keeping up with them is exhausting!) and as I keep saying, if they help Giles make sense of what being 4 brings, they’re welcome to stay as long as they want.

Today, they’ve been to my meetings with me (but apparently sat on my lap all the time as they didn’t want to get lost) to make sure I was ok.  They had a shower last night to get the bread dough off their paws (they like jumping in the dough to help knead it and are fast enough to avoid the dough hooks on my mixer) and I need to go and buy the little Cheetahs some more crocodile wellies because they’ve grown out of theirs…

So am I achieving this – let me know??






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5 thoughts on “So Why Exactly am I Blogging? – my take on the Britmums Blogging Prompt

  1. This post is fab and really explains all about your blog and why you write. What an imagination your child has – just amazing 🙂 you could write a children’s book with those great characters x

  2. I really enjoy your blog and your writing. What you share is totally unique and compelling. Your children sound fab! Agree with comment above – you could turn the cheeters into a childrens book.

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  4. I am really pleased to have found your blog, and look forward to reading some more of your posts. You clearly really have your hands full, and I think your children are really lucky for the way you take their imagination and run with it.

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