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We’ve hit the wall – and the Dinos & Banana People go Bowling.

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So we’ve made it through most of half term – tomorrow I get to pretend that I know what I’m doing, dress up and go to a meeting where I shall talk knowledgeably, make notes and generally attempt to be the height of professionalism.

Today’s been the exact opposite – we’ve been, quite happily, in imaginary friend land.  (I’m now quite amused that Zemanta has decided that imaginary friend land requires the suggestion of images of the USA!).

After 5 days of active fun, being out and about and generally doing ‘stuff’, we’ve all somewhat hit the wall.  It’s a kind of ‘non-specific’ wall which we regularly come across with our Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and one that the physios so usefully deem as the ‘boom and bust’ issue.

The thing with EDS is that resting is bad.  I’m not supposed to let the kids flop out on the sofa after school – we need to be active.  Yeah right.  I’m sorry physios but children are tired after school – all of them are and when it’s taken twice as much effort to get through the day as a ‘normal’ child on the same calorie intake, of course they’re tired.  We don’t want to be leaping around all the time or honing our fine motor skills every day, so although we do go out, the kids go to activities after school and sometimes we have a ‘make & do’ session, every now and again we crash out in front of the telly.

So today, we’ve had a pj day.  And so have the Cheetahs.  They’ve joined their keeper, his sister, their duvets, a couple of fleece blankets and a whole load of cuddlies on the sofa – and have had a lovely day.  They’ve watched CBeebies (oh, how I hate Zingzillas), The Wiggles on DVD, drunk hot chocolate, enjoyed some homemade bread & cake and generally vegged out.  They’ve really enjoyed their day and yet I still feel a bit guilty.  If they’re this tired, I’m supposed to push them that little bit further to build up their stamina – and yet my babies (although they’d shout at me if they knew I’d written that) are exhausted.  They need to do normal half term stuff otherwise they could end up proper poorly before Christmas.    It’s all ‘what if’s?’ that have me heading for the hand mixer to whip up the next batch of yumminesses that don’t give me the answers but at least let me feel like I’ve achieved something!

So the Cheetahs have had a tired sort of day apparently – they were desperate to go to bed and didn’t even want to play building – they wanted a story instead.  The Dinos and Banana People however, were more up for getting out and about today (possibly because they have apparently spent the last 4 days asleep).  So what do Dinos do when it’s raining during half term?  They go bowling – and they take the Banana People with them.

They drove their cars to ‘the bowling place in Hemel Hempstead‘ but they didn’t want to use the bowling ramp (like their keeper uses) – they did the bowling with their hands instead – because that’s better.  Of course.

They didn’t want to come back for tea here either.  They went to a “Fish and Chip shop – with tables”.  So eat-in fish and chips for their tea then – with “salt and viginer” (I don’t have the heart to correct him) on the chips.  Some of the Cheetahs seem to have joined them for this bit – although I didn’t see them leave.  It’s the lure of the chips I reckon – even though their keeper is still very sure that their favourite food is fruit salad. So what did they have to drink with their fish & chips?  Cheetah beer!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Banana People and Dinos like it too.

Tomorrow they’re all off, with the keeper and his sister to have a day with grandparents – I’m not sure how many groups of Cheetahs will be going – they’re all back from Running Land (as predicted – the trips to the zoo were too exciting to miss out on) but seeing as they have suddenly need to raise some more funds (from the change tin, again) for their fares, I think a few might be heading back out there for a bit of sunshine.  Can’t say I blame them.

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