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Reaching for the Stars and Following your Dreams

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This is the first time I’ve approached a BritMums blogging prompt but having read it yesterday, ideas have been pinging in my head all day so now is the time to commit them to the laptop (and possibly regret this in many years to come).

The prompt reads

What are your hopes and dreams for yourself, your family and/or your children? How can you help to make it happen?

This week Giles wants to be a pilot.  And a Cheetah/Rhino/Hippo keeper at Whipsnade Zoo.  Alice would like to be a Sealion Keeper at Whipsnade or perhaps (I suspect) work at a Build A Bear Workshop.

Having spent so much time at Whipsnade over the last few weeks, I can (I think) understand why they like it there so much.  They feel safe and happy.  What do I hope for more than anything for them in life? – that whatever they do, they are happy, safe and making the most of the moment.

I’d also really, really like them to be ‘well’ – or as well as they’re going to be.  To be healthy, strong and despite whatever their bodies (their Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Platelet Function defect, reflux and whatever else happens) throw at them, that they’ll still be able to do what they want to.

I desperately hope they will be spared the bullying at school because they can’t keep up running around the playground and are taller than the rest of their peers.  I hope that they get to study what fascinates them to whatever level they can achieve and succeed at.  I hope that they will find employment that fulfils them where they can work in a positive environment; challenged but not overwhelmed, encouraged to be the best that they can, without spontaneously combusting.

I would love to think that they’ll be able to confide in me, develop relationships and gather a set of values that are ones we’ll be able to identify with as a family.  I’d love them to take the amount of pleasure from music making that I have over time (obviously without me having to nag them to practice) – equally, if they’d rather have their head in a car engine in a freezing cold garage taking great delight in fixing stuff, that’ll be cool too.

I hope that they don’t have to do battle with the dark days that have been part of my life for a good 20 years now.  I dream that they’ll have the confidence, ability and social skills to go out into the big wide world and cope – ideally enjoying themselves along the way – without feeling that actually, hiding under your duvet is a better place to be or that they feel like they’re going round, and round, and round in washing machine as people look in on the strange person in there from the outside wondering why they can’t pull themselves together and “get on with it”.  I dearly hope that I don’t end up back there too, time will tell.  When whatever darker times come, I hope that we will never lose sight of the stars – however murky the sky gets.

There’s a song that I used to sing in a choir with a chorus that started

Three things last forever, they are faith, hope and love…

which is on loop in my head as I write this.

So faith – in my children, my family, in myself.  Not necessarily in a religious sense.  A depth of understanding, trust and belief in us all.

Although I’ve tried really hard, the word ‘hope’ seems to be in pretty much every sentence I’ve written (and/or deleted). Without hope, I don’t think I’d be a very good mummy, or person in general.  We’ve all got to hope for something – it’s how we get by in this bonkers world of ours.

“And the greatest of these is Love”.  I reckon so.  That’s it.

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