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Magic Carpets, See in the Dark Eyes and Dinos eating out – just a normal start to half term then

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We’ve been back to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo today and enjoyed the best part of 7 hours of fresh air, gorgeous sunshine and the company of good friends.

The Banana People seem to be on the quiet side at the moment, although Strike (yes really), one of the new Dino Brothers that flew in from Spain last week, seems to be asserting himself as the alpha-male of the Dino clan.  He also seems to be able to run “100 fast” and sometimes “100 million fast” like the Cheetahs and occasionally wins one of the many races he instigates.  Strike also seems to be a bit of a mischief maker and takes great joy in getting under our feet.

The Cheetahs had to take their C-Max to the zoo today – it means more of them can travel and one of their other cars seems to be having the same wheel falling off problem that it’s experienced before after the bee sting incident.

Not the best photo - it's hard taking pictures of Hippos! Hula Hippo giving mum Lola a kiss

The Cheetahs were to be spending the day being cheetah, rhino and hippo keepers and can apparently shovel full size rhino poo even though they are small enough to live in shoes.  Giles is always impressed by the amount of poo the hippos produce – the fact that every time they’re given clean water in their pool, they immediately poo (to mark their territory – there’s a fact for today) never ceases to amuse him.  Classy – as is going up to friends and declaring “Hoover the hippo is a poo machine”. I so enjoy those parenting moments.

Wolverine looking proper fierce.

The spent the day travelling around the zoo on their magic carpet (don’t know where that came from) and having a good run around in the leaves.  We got to see the gorgeous baby elephant again, Hula hippo and the wolverines (in all our visits to Whipsnade I’ve only seen them 3 times, they are a seriously snoozy lot) as well as our usual friends.  We enjoyed the Boo at the Zoo activities – although watching a mother taking home the example ‘make’ rather than wait around for her daughter to finish her own creation does nothing to keep my faith in the human race.

They decided to come home on the magic carpet – (I assume someone drove the C-Max back?) and we stopped at the Harvester for dinner.  The Cheetahs have always loved the Harvester – even when they were very new to the shoes they came out with us for sweetcorn and cucumber from the salad bar.  They were essentially vegetarian for a long time – always finishing their salad so they could have their ice-cream sundae (or for today, an ice-cream Monday) afterwards.

Is it just us, or do others of you suffer from the compulsory drink spillage when out for a meal?  We cannot go to the Harvester without someone emptying their refill lemonade over the table/the floor/themselves with the then necessary top-up necessitating umpteen visits to the toilet.

We excelled ourselves this visit with an almost full glass of lemonade hitting the beautifully tiled floor at speed.  Glass and lemonade everywhere.  Joy.  The staff produced the dustpan and brush and terribly technical napkins for mopping up, leaving us with an ice-rink of drying lemonade and broken glass under the table.  Super.

The Cheetahs enjoyed their sweetcorn and chips (they can scoop them out of bowls and swallow them in a a big gulp) and the ice-cream with chocolate sauce (they can jump into the glass and eat it – I hope they’ve cleaned their paws after shovelling all that rhino poo).  By the time we’d finished it was dark so they put on their “see in the dark eyes” to drive (or should that be fly if it’s a magic carpet?) home.  There’s a switch behind their ears in case you were wondering.

They seem to all be sleeping in their Keepers wardrobe now – it’s definitely warmer than the porch or the building brick/duplo constructions we’ve been lovingly preparing.  I’m told our original Cheetahs are now the granny/grandpa Cheetahs, the baby ones are parents and we have some new baby ones – with more expected around Christmas (that’s a mighty good grasp of family groups for a 4 year old). There’s only so much room in the wardrobe, and with 96 Dinos and however many Banana People we have (note to self, pay more attention), it’s going to be quite a squash in his bedroom.

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