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An award for me…really? Well thank you so much…


Having been absolutely delighted for the lovely Aisha who writes so beautifully in when I saw she had been awarded the Versatile Blogger award, I was even more flabbergasted when I found her comment this afternoon:

Hey Jenny, to convey my amazement and appreciation of your astounding versatility in doing all you do and still managing to write this blog, I am awarding you with the esteemed Versatile Blogger award.
Congratulations, and here is the link to my blog-post about the award if you are interested…

I’m honoured.   I’ve been blogging for less than 2 months – I’m not sure I’ve got it quite right and I’m still really chuffed if I get more than 10 hits in a day.  Aisha is a fabulous blogging mentor – I admire her for upping sticks and travelling across the globe with 3 small children when I’m pretty chuffed when we’ve made 200 miles to Wales.

In the spirit of the award, I’m supposed to pass it on to other versatile bloggers – I’m going to take my time on this one but would like to mention that I’m thoroughly enjoying reading My Blog by Wendy K and The Perfect Bad Mummy who just makes me laugh.

I’m also supposed to share 7 facts about me that you won’t know already… hmmm, well without wishing to be either too boring, gruesome or otherwise, here goes…

  1. I am missing both kneecaps – not missing as in lost, but left in the careful hands of a surgeon (although I do have one in a jar… it looks a bit like a chicken nugget)
  2. I have a degree in music and spent my happiest musical times playing cornet in the Hertfordshire Youth Brass Band, travelling to Switzerland with them and playing a few good ‘gigs’ – for the Queen, at the Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican being highlights.
  3. I’m fascinated by the study of ethics and how we can apply them in our business lives and as parents.  Having been fortunate enough to attend a course module run by Prof. Roger Steare I’m continuing my research in the hope I can have the courage to make good decisions and instil in my children the importance of hope, love and integrity.
  4. I’m really allergic to cats and citrus fruit
  5. I’m a serial volunteer but am practising very hard at using the ‘no’ word more often.
  6. I do battle with my demons and my weight far more often than I would like to.  I’m in awe of all the people I’ve found on the BritMums website who write so beautifully about mental health issues – long may it continue
  7. I’ve completely over-ordered on our grocery shop that’s been delivered tonight and I haven’t got enough shelf space for all of it!  Better start making the Christmas cakes then…

So on behalf of the Cheetahs and their keeper (without whom there wouldn’t be a blog), the Dinos, the Banana People and me, Thank You and goodnight – I’ll be signing autographs by the stage door…

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Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

2 thoughts on “An award for me…really? Well thank you so much…

  1. Congratulations, you deserve it.

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