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48 Dinos flying in from Spain – can the imaginary menagerie get any larger?


The world of the imaginary friends continues at a pace.  Their keeper is so tired it’s a miracle we haven’t found him curled up under a table somewhere, head on his beloved cuddly completely zonked out.

Having noted last week that the Banana People and Dinos were conspicuous by their absence imagine my delight when it was announced this afternoon that the ‘Dino Brothers’ had moved in to keep the other Dinos company.  Bearing in mind we already have 4 groups of 12 Dinos in residence, along with the 9 now extended family groups of Cheetahs plus the Banana People and their relations, I could really do without any more friends to keep up with, remove from shoes and feed, let alone get out the door for school (and yes, I repacked the lunchbox to make room for the Cheetahs again today).

The Dino Brothers are all boys and have flown in from Spain to join us.  We’ve never been to Spain but their keeper knows that they will have had to fly here – I assume they use the same airport that the Cheetahs use to get to Running Land.  There are some mummy and sister Dinos here already – the rest haven’t come (maybe they like the warmer climate?) and seeing as there are apparently another 4 groups of 12 boy Dinos here I think a total of 96 Dinos in residence are more than enough.  I’m all for embracing the imaginary friends, but really, 96 of them???

Despite the all encompassing exhaustion, their keeper is still determined to ‘build’ for the Cheetahs/Dinos/Banana People every night before bed.  He’s more interested in this than having stories but the imagination and care that he takes whilst creating the constructions will do for me for now.  If I’m really lucky I get to read a story to the Cheetahs too – and for the record, they do sit very nicely.

This evening the big crates of HappyLand that have sat untouched for ages suddenly became the focus of attention.  The Cheetahs needed transport and some of them want to be train drivers – so the HappyLand trains were constructed and joy of joys, the batteries still work – you’ve got to love the Early Learning Centre for their durable and long lasting toys, no really, you do.

These trains don’t need tracks as they are the Cheetah’s means of going anywhere – they just hop on board (some sit in the carriages, some ‘surf’ on the back) and it takes them where they want to go.  I can see the logic to this one – if you want to travel somewhere and your skateboard isn’t up to the job, why go from station to station when you can travel direct?  Once again the Cheetahs show an excellent sense of logic

We’ve made a parking area for the trains out of the HappyLand fencing – I’m not entirely sure why but it was absolutely essential.  The Cheetahs keeper was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow and has now gone 24 hours without his nosebleed medicine.  He keeps complaining of funny tastes in his mouth (nosebleed taste and sicky taste) so I’m hoping that we get another night of uninterrupted sleep without any bodily fluids travelling at speed.  In the meantime, I’d better go and make some more fruit salad for the Dinos – they “only like healthy food” and 96 portions are going to take a mighty long time to prepare…




Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

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