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The Cheetahs now love underpants…


Oh yes, they really do
And underpants are in other books
So it really must be true
Today’s pantstastic mission
Was to keep young G awake
For a night of 6 big nosebleeds
Had us all in quite a state
With the temperature soaring
We had some jobs to do
The Cheetahs came to Granny’s
Dino’s and Banana People too
The zoomed along the pavement
In their super Cheetah car
And cruised along beside us
It really can go far
Their lunch was in the playhouse
But their keeper was not happy
Fish fingers and potatoes
Didn’t make him super zappy
So they ran around the garden
With their water pistols out
We all got pretty soggy
And it really wore them out
No eating was in order
So in the bath they went
Their keeper is exhausted
And off to bed was sent
But then the pants story started
Cheetahs underpants are fab
All 9 groups have got pairs of them
And they’re certainly not drab
In a ‘very great big wardrobe’
In neat and tidy piles
Are rainbow pants for Cheetahs
In every shape and size
Their names are on the front of them
So they know whose pants are whose
As they’re all the same bright colours
And don’t want to get confused
The dirty ones go in one side
Of the special pants wardrobe
And washing machine then cleans them
The only one in the world
So the Cheetahs need a story
There is, of course, just one
Dinosaurs Love Underpants
Where else could pants come from?

With many thanks to Claire Freedman et al- the Dinosaurs and Aliens rock

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Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

7 thoughts on “The Cheetahs now love underpants…

  1. Love it! I’ve yet to meet a child who didn’t like those books! Certainly a big fave in our house… so Jenny, when’s your book deal happening?

  2. Wow you wrote all that yourself?? That was a great read 🙂 xx

  3. Another wonderful post – please, please, please write children’s books!

  4. Cool! I’ve just read that to my 3 year old- thank you 🙂

  5. Oh I am so loving the journey of discovery your blog is taking me on!
    Thanks so much for joining in the first Showcase at Love Mummy Blogs. Hope to see you there again soon 🙂

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