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More Cheetahs to Feed! – does that mean they need Fast Food??

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It seems I spoke too soon regarding extra mouths to feed…

Having dutifully left the new shoes on their sides last night (so the Cheetahs didn’t have to jump in when they’re tired) it transpires this morning that there are no longer just 4 groups of Cheetahs but 9.  4 groups in one shoe, 5 groups in the other.  It’s a good job their keeper has got ‘cargo’ style shorts for school – 4 pockets are definitely required for this lot – with possibly a contingent in the lunchbox.

The other ones are friends that they’ve met playing football and they’ve come to live with us ‘for ever and ever’.  They all wear Manchester United shirts when they’re playing football and some of them wear green t-shirts when they’re not. They like sleeping in the shoes and are an assortment of Mummy Cheetahs, Daddy Cheetahs and Baby Cheetahs.  Giles assures me he knows all their names, it’s just a very long list.

Fruit salad, seen close up.

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This lot have the same fondness for fruit salad and are also partial to a fruit salad smoothie to drink (I guess the Daddy Cheetahs may enjoy as sneaky Cheetah Beer as well).  We did discuss whether just fruit salad would give them enough energy for the day and apparently they get their extra energy from Cheetah Pasta – which (in case you didn’t know) is pasta with cheese sauce and tomato ketchup spots.  Of course.

If their fuel tanks are really empty they can get their extra bio-fuel from the road sign garage at the end of the road.  Now their keeper has grown he now needs to go around the sign 6 times (a complete circuit, not just end to end) to fill himself right up.  He doesn’t quite get the fact he’s probably using the fuel he’s just put in to go round the extra times.  He tops up with petrol, diesel and bio-fuel – the cheetahs just have bio-fuel but need to do 8 circuits to fill themselves up.  Still, they go really really really fast so it doesn’t take long… mind you, with that many to do, maybe we should only take one group at a time and are Baby Cheetahs allowed onto the forecourt of bio-fuel stations?



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