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Cheetah Celebrations

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Following the football exploits, the Cheetahs have continued their entry into the full time education system and have found an excellent means of getting into school with the minimum of effort (whilst retaining the option to run around outside whilst their keeper is busy inside) – rather than get the car out, they’re travelling in his lunch bag instead

However, they do all seem to want to go to school with him, thus necessitating the removal of various items of the packed lunch to ensure there is adequate space for them all.  No longer can I shove it all in, it has to be packed with care and attention to make sure they don’t get squashed.  All well and good when we don’t have to leave for school until 8.30am, but tomorrow we need to be out the door at 7.45… The Dinos and Banana People have also popped into school but don’t seem to feel the need to be in the lunch bag – I think it’s because they do like to sneak under the gate and come home if it’s all a bit much.

With the start of school comes the realisation that there is pretty much going to be someone having a birthday at least once a fortnight and therefore, with the first of their keeper’s class turning 5, it transpired that Thursday was the birthday of all the Dinos and Banana People…

Firstly though, the Cheetahs had explore their new play area.  The beloved hooded blanket has reappeared and laid out on the floor makes the perfect play space for all for groups of Cheetahs – it has it’s own “spinny round ride” in the middle, a small swimming pool, a picnic area and a racing section (a bit of track from one of the many car tracks we also have).  The Cheetahs can eat and sleep and cosy up in the hooded bit and all is good.

Whilst playing, they set about making preparations for the birthday celebrations – most importantly the cake.  The mummy Cheetahs were making a chocolate spread cake with jam in the middle (would have recommended more chocolate spread personally) and white icing with icing cheetahs on the top.  That’s what Dinos and Banana People want on a cake apparently.  The Banana People were having some more doors into the house as a present (including some that bring them straight from under the house into the upstairs) and they were all getting a new car racing track – the one from the Argos catalogue I think.  Also planned were fruit salad sandwiches (but without grapes in, because they’d roll out) and to drink… Cheetah beer.  I’m not sure whether the Cheetahs were really taking into account what the Dinos and Banana People really wanted but if they were going to host the party, they were going make the most of it.

They all got to go to school on their birthday (welcome to the real world!) and their keeper spent a happy afternoon painting a new play area for the Cheetahs – “NOT a playground, a play area Mummy” as well as painting himself and his new school uniform red.  I think they all had a good day but their keeper was so tired after his full day at school followed by coming to Rainbows (and a whole load of nosebleeds) that any form of logical conversation was out of the question

Into the lunch bag again for school and once another full day was done the full quota then came to school Choir.  As normal, I’m not sure the 19 children attending Choir for real, appreciated there were 4 groups of Cheetahs, 48 Dinos and a load of Banana People running round the wheelie chairs but they didn’t try to join in so that has to be a bonus.

The next excitement was a trip on the bus into town.  I am fairly sure that one of the reasons the Cheetahs had moved into the lunch bag was that it had become apparent that there was really no more room for them in the school shoes so it was time to spend some money on decent accommodation for them – especially as at the weekends they seem keen to have their breakfast and lunch as well as extra sleeps in the shoes.  The Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People were so excited about this trip on the bus – some Cheetahs, the Dinos and Banana People got to stay on the bus with us (sitting on the back seat, obviously) whilst rest of the Cheetahs raced alongside us – some just running, others in their car.  Making sure we had the full quota when getting off the bus was interesting but of course achieved.

They all came to Footsteps with us, thankfully being the only customers (always go shoe shopping off peak) the Cheetahs were able to test out the various options available – this wonderful shop doesn’t bat an eyelid when children arrive with insoles or wonky feet so a few Cheetahs just added to their Friday afternoon mix.

The best part of £100 later (you’d better appreciate this little Cheetahs) we headed off to collect our car from the garage where it had (thankfully) passed its MOT.  As you may recall this is where the bodywork and wheel restoration had been carried out on the Cheetah’s original car but they didn’t seem particularly interested as their proximity to their football training ground was realised.

They do seem to be getting the hours in on the pitch at the moment – how the mummy Cheetahs keep up with the schedule is beyond me, let alone how they manage to wash all the kit. 

It seems that hidden in the stonework of the Sopwell Nunnery is a complete set of changing rooms where they all get ready before going out to play.  The mummy Cheetahs are still helping the little ones whilst the daddy Cheetahs are playing with the bigger ones and taking it in turns to be the referee – nice to see they’re playing fairly.

Despite the disappointment that there were no racing cars to watch today, the full set of Cheetahs, Banana People and Dinos got to watch England (or “In-GER-land”) play in the World Cup Rugby this morning before setting out for trampolining.  Although we apparently needed much reminding that “this is rugby” the excitement of men running with the ball and the numbers next to the England flag increasing on the TV seemed a good way to start the morning – especially when accompanied by a chocolate spread sandwich.

This lot seem to be getting a well rounded education in all things sporty – although they still flatly refused to have a go on the trampoline again today.  It’s because their paws are “really really tiny” and they don’t want to get stuck.  I can appreciate that but is it really necessary to insist on including me in the races round, and round, and round the trampolines at 9.15am on Sunday morning?  Seemingly so.  They do enjoy the run over to Gosling though – no Lambo’s this week – just lots of clear grass verge for them to get a good straight run on in the sunshine.  Cheetahs like that – as do they like the fact that when the Hatfield tunnel was recently renovated, the construction team put in a special ramp and lane just for them to run through with us.  Next time you’re travelling that way, it’s just on the edge of the hard shoulder – haven’t you noticed?

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