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The Cheetahs get their Football Kit

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The Cheetahs didn’t fancy a trip to school today so were sent to work with me and were very nicely behaved.  Their task?  Shredding paper.  Guess what their keeper did when he came into the office with me during the summer holidays?

Despite the news that the office shredder is broken it transpires that the Cheetahs took their own shredder in and when it’s full they can jump on it to push it down.  When the bag’s full they put a new red bag in (because that’s Cheetah colours) instead of the standard issue white ones.  Must get them trained into making the tea…

The Dinos and Banana People enjoyed another day at Mandeville in the Ladybird class.  They’ve been busy in the messy play section and got to stay for their first lunch with their keeper.  One of the Teaching Assistants got to meet them today and assures me they were very good.

Last week Giles started football at Gosling – a bit of daunting prospect when you’re the smallest in the group and you’ve had a nosebleed the night before.  This week the nosebleed repeated itself but the excitement of donning his little Manchester United shirt and white trainers overtook the tiredness and as we loaded the car, the full register of Cheetahs, Banana People and Dinos joined us.  But not for long…


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They too were off to football, but although starting out with us, they quickly diverted – switching on their blue and red Buzz Lightyear wings and flying off to their football field – identified on the way home as Sopwell Priory.

They all have Manchester United football strips to wear – but they don’t need socks or boots as their paws are grippy enough.  The mummy Cheetahs teach the little ones what to do and the daddy Cheetahs help the bigger ones and play in the grown up matches.  The Dinos and Banana People have their own sessions – it seems that you don’t mix your teams.

The little ones like playing games and practising their ball skills, and when they’ve finished their have to do their sticker run.  Giles’s time at TotzSoca has clearly left him with some very happy memories and the importance of the sticker run for the Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People today has been paramount.  I think the programme that mummy Cheetahs are using may reflect closely that of Mark and Darran – thanks chaps!

The recent rain seems to have left their pitch a tad muddy so the mummy Cheetahs had to bring everyone back to go in the bath (to keep their fur all shiny) – the Dinos and Banana People went in too.  For once fruit salad wasn’t required for tea and they were all far more concerned with what stories they were going to have before bedtime.  The Cheetahs like cheetah stories, the Dinos like dinosaur stories and the Banana People like…?  Thomas the Tank Engine.  Of course.

So with all Buzz Lightyear wings tucked away, the Banana People safely under the house, the Cheetahs in the football trainers and the Dinos in the duvet they’re all fast asleep.  The Dinos and Banana People will be off to Breakfast Club in the morning – the Cheetahs are coming into work with me again – despite the news there is no more shredding to do… they’re going to bring some special paper with them so they can do it anyway.





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