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The Cheetahs need some routine

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Back to school

…but not so for the cheetahs and their keeper who had to walk past their new classroom to drop Alice off and then come home again.

It’s a bit confusing when you’re meant to be starting ‘big school’ but actually you’re not until 4 days after your sister goes back.  So, as should be predicted, in times of confusion, the cheetahs leapt into the trainers and started causing problems ready for the school run.  Thankfully they were spotted early on so they came to school in his pockets – met his new teacher (who took the news that cheetahs lived in his shoes remarkably well) and then came home with us for the day.

True to form, we had to stop at the sign at the end of our road for refuelling.  Unless you’ve travelled around this particular corner with the cheetahs you would be completely unaware of the amazing powers one simple road sign can have.  It’s a garage – where you can repair your scooter, collect petrol, diesel or biofuel and give yourself more energy or just stop to really annoy your mother.  The more times you go around the sign (sorry, garage) the more fuel you get.  This is all well and good, except when you’re in a hurry.

We haven’t felt the need to refuel for the entire summer holidays – then, on the way home from dropping Alice off, suddenly we need to stop again.  Back to routine, back to what we feel is normal – having had to leave her ‘behind’.   The other routine we instantly returned to was the whinge that their keeper didn’t want to walk the whole distance to school – too far, too tiring and suddenly every part of him was aching.  Learned behaviour is hard to break – he’s capable of walking a couple of miles without issue – suddenly the 200 yards to school is a major problem.  Hopefully the cheetahs will realise it’s more fun to run or the Dinos will like to march up to school pretty soon, otherwise it’s going to be a long old term…

A friend to play for the day made the whole process much easier, although our proposed trip to the zoo to catch up with the real cheetahs had to be abandoned due to rain.  Still, they had a good day out in the garden, the friends were duly shown the exact spot where the Banana People’s door to their house is – and we were enlightened as to the route of the tunnel that goes under our house.  There was also a fairly detailed explanation of how the Banana People get into the greenhouse to get the tomatoes… now that the mini-trampoline is by the broken window, they bounce up through the whole and then drop the tomatoes back onto the trampoline before coming out through the door.  You don’t want squished tomatoes do you?  Even if the cherry ones are about 10x the size I understand the Banana People to be.

The cheetahs spent the rest of the day sneaking back into shoes (again, an old game) but also had a bit of fun playing in the mud – in their wellies, of course.

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