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The Cheetahs can swim… and the Dinos rock Knebworth


After the excitement of the Bank Holiday and their fix of rusty spanners and stinky old cars, the full quota of friends were up bright and early (urgh) for a trip out with their keeper’s grandparents.  The early arrival of the chills of Autumn seem to have affected the Cheetahs (who now want to sleep in the blanket that Giles had when he was a baby – the one with the lion on cos he’s a big cat too), the Dinos (back under the duvet) and the Banana People who it transpires sleep in socks.  Single coloured socks (not stripy) but every colour imaginable.  It’s very easy for a Banana Person to get into a sock – no zips or anything – and, in this house, a readily available source.  Maybe I should be digging an inspection chamber under the house to find all the socks that seem to have disappeared in the washing?

So swimming bags were packed (the Cheetahs have little rucksacks too, of course) and were duly delivered to Granny – with the Dinos and Banana People too.  Great excitement though as a trip to Knebworth was on the cards too.  As the original inspiration for the Dinos (I think), another visit to the Dinosaur Trail was seemingly a top idea.  Add to that the joys of Fort Knebworth, Dinosaur slides and large open spaces to run around in it was the perfect plan for all concerned.  Giles braved a “bumpety bumpety” slide for the first time (he was been terrified of slides until about 3 months ago) – I don’t know whether it was the reassurance of a couple of trips down with Grandpa (clearly for momentum purposes, obviously) or whether the cheetahs had their own tiny mats in which to tuck their paws and ride down next to him that made it so much fun.

The Dinos seem to have been pleased to catch up with their mates – maybe they realise that life is much cushier when you’re transported around by a small boy rather than having to stand still and be looked at or climbed on?  They were also highly amused that one of their number seems to have escaped and is now trying to get out the back of the Knebworth estate onto the Codicote Road…

Then onto the swimming – to be honest I didn’t know that cheetahs could swim …

but apparently they can and thoroughly enjoyed themselves on their trip to the swimming pool in Letchworth.  They were very impressed with the nice lady on reception (their only other experience has been at Westminster Lodge in St Albans, where sometimes you have to cough obviously at those on reception to distract them from the latest gossip) and although a little disappointed they missed the wave sessions, had a jolly good time (and could possibly be rather keen on going again).  The Dinos and the Banana People went in too – I can only assume the Banana People got their wetsuits on again.

We have also managed to pinpoint, exactly, the door in the back garden where the Banana People get into their house.  Not where I thought it was going to be and, to be realistic, they haven’t made the route under the house as direct as it could be.  However, it seems to suit them so all is good.  We also now know that the Banana People, as well as enjoying their fruit salad (yummy yummy) also enjoy a home grown tomato – which is good because if things continue as they are and the sun comes out (which it will, because the schools go back next week), we are going to have an almighty glut in a couple of weeks.

So, having identified the front door to the Banana house, it is noticed that there is a large piece of glass on the patio by the greenhouse.   Further investigation leads us to find that there is a broken pane of glass in the greenhouse (which of course needs to be dealt with, and is) and questions are asked as to how the window got broken.  After the obligatory round of “it wasn’t me”, it is announced by their keeper that the Banana People did it as they needed a route in to get to the ripe tomatoes – they then collect the ripe ones and come out under the greenhouse door (why would you want to carry a tomato up through the hole??). 

So, the Banana People have a tendency to cause trouble then???  Should we be having words about telling the truth and leading by example???


Their keeper’s father put his hand through it whilst trying to harvest the tomatoes himself – but didn’t hurt himself, so that’s ok.  And the friends can access the tomatoes as often as they want – that should reduce the food bills for a while.


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