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Bank Holiday with the Cheetahs

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Sadly the Cheetahs missed out on Bank Holiday Sunday due to their keeper doing battle with the evil reflux which resulted in him feeling too poorly to incorporate the Cheetahs, Dinos or Banana People in our exploits.

However, by Monday morning, they were all up, ready for breakfast and ready for their trip to the Vintage Car Show.  So what do the Dinos, Banana People and Cheetahs have for breakfast…?

It transpires the Dinos are a cuddly bunch, red with green spots, who are very smiley, have the same number of teeth as ‘us’, and little legs (hence the need for the big wellies, of course).  Their favourite breakfast is … Fruit Salad (yummy, yummy – the Wiggles have a lot to answer for).  It does seem to be a bit of a posh fruit salad, principle ingredients being passion fruit, mango, peach, nectarine, pineapple and grapes.  Definitely NOT bananas, you can’t eat your friends, and no oranges, the Dinos are allergic to them too .

The Cheetahs like a fruit salad too, but with kiwi fruit included, as kiwis have black spots in them too.  Oh, and sprinkling of rusty spanners too.  Not sure whether it’s the rust spots that make it more tasty or whether it makes them go faster.

The Banana People aren’t so keen on the fruit salad option, if you eat a banana as a banana person it makes you shoot up into space and then shrink back to your normal size. I’m assuming that gets a bit tiring which is why toast and marmite is a better option.

And onto the car show.   There’s something not that appealing about sitting in a field full of old cars and their owners when it’s 15C and threatening to rain.  This one thankfully had a bit more to offer than just cars – and the full quota of friends got to watch the heavy horses, the dog display, inspect the steam rollers, make beeswax candles (tricky with paws) and generally have a good run around.  They refused point blank to come home with us in the car though, they all came back with Daddy in his TR – it’s far more fun travelling with the the wind in your fur and the roof down.


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

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