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The Cheetahs, Dinos (“NOT Dinosaurs Mummy”) and Banana People seem to have been thoroughly exhausted by their full-on schedule over the last few days and didn’t surface at all until this afternoon.  The prospect however of a trip to Matalan and Homebase spurred them into action and they were lined up on the pavement ready to go.

They were very ordered trotting down the road although there was much discussion as to whether the Dinos were running as fast as the Cheetahs or whether the Cheetahs were slowing down on purpose so the Dinos could keep up.  To stop at the curb (road sense seems to remain) they all skid to a halt on one particular paving slab and wait until their keeper (having checked first) tells them it’s safe to cross.  If they could be slightly less obsessive about which paving slab they have to cross at it would make the journey a lot quicker for all of us.

We are ‘fortunate’ enough to have the Abbey Line train track at the bottom of our road.  Affectionately known as the Abbey Flyer this single track line has been plodding back and forth to sunny Watford for over 150 years.  It serves a community purpose rather than an commercial one (perhaps if they gave us the option to pay the fares it would be a bit more profitable?!) and provides great joy to small children who get to cross a railway line on foot and spot the train as it passes by.  If you’re really lucky the driver will wave – oh the excitement!

You can see where this is going… the cheetahs are happily trotting down the hill and the train comes past.  The cheetahs really like trains, all sorts of trains, especially the London Underground ones, and these ones, and Steamies and aeroplanes.  Aeroplanes???  You need the Abbey Flyer if you’re a cheetah to get you to your aeroplane.  The rainbow aeroplane with pink and purple and red and yellow and blue stripes on it.  Of course.

The Daddy cheetahs fly the plane but the Mummy cheetahs are in charge of the red Tom Tom (black Tom Tom’s are for their car) so the Daddy cheetahs know where to fly.  The little cheetahs all have screens in the seats in front of them in the aeroplane so they can watch TV – but it’s not the same on each one, they can choose what they want to watch.  Cool.

It maybe these aeroplanes that got the cheetahs to Spain but they definitely fly to “Running Land”.  Holiday paradise for a cheetah.  It’s really hot and has loads and loads of space to run around.  It also has “really really big” tubs of suncream (imagine arms outstretched as far as they will go) because it’s really sunny and the cheetahs don’t want to get burnt.  Then, when they’re done there, they fly home, get the Abbey Flyer back home and then come up the hill to bed.

Except Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People do not like climbing up hills.  They’ve chosen the wrong place to live then really – so we’ll have to work on them – and their keeper.  To be fair, G couldn’t do the walk to Matalan 6 months ago, let alone the walk home again so we are making progress.

At the moments the cheetahs won’t run up the hill but will do it with some encouragement, the Dinos will only come up if they march (with Giles, of course) with big Dino marching feet and the Banana People come up backwards doing a very silly walk.  You can’t cross the road at the same point as you crossed going down but they’re still very good at waiting until they’re told they can cross – sensible lot.

Tomorrow, I suspect, the Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People will be learning about DIY projects over Bank Holiday, in the rain.  It could be interesting…


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

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