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We’re Cheetahs in the rain…

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The rain doesn’t necessarily suit the cheetahs when their car’s in the garage.  It transpires that all the wheels are now falling off following the damage caused by the bee sting and it will now need an MOT before it can go back on the road.   The Banana People family seem to have bred now so the cheetahs can’t fit in their car with them, add to the that the Dinos and we have a major transport issue.

So yesterday morning the cheetahs stayed in bed (can’t say I blame them) whilst the Banana People trudged up the garden in the rain, miraculously jumped through the garage door and then into the kitchen.  They got a bit wet on the way so by today had their own 300metre long wellies (Giles is not to be convinced that maybe he has his unit of measurement a little wrong) and wetsuits.  Problem solved.

We took the Banana People and the Dinos in our car for a bit of an impromptu visit to ZSL London Zoo yesterday afternoon.  The cheetahs wanted to stay in bed.  However, once they’d realised the sun had come out, they ran all the way from our house to the zoo and jumped into Giles’s trainers for a snuggle as they were a bit tired.  Once we’d taken them out (again, the people next to us clearly thought we’d been let out for the day) they had a good time running around after us although were a bit disappointed there are no cheetahs at the London Zoo.  They know that their friends are at Whipsnade because they need lots of space to run around so were fairly satisfied with seeing the Serval cats instead.  The Banana People liked seeing the monkeys and the Dinos liked the reptile house.   How very perceptive Giles…

More rain today but we all (48 dinos, 4 groups of cheetahs, 4 banana people) went off to lunch with the friends who had sparked the idea of the Spain trip for cheetah groups 1 & 2.   It transpires the cheetahs had flown from a different airport (Luton Aeroport – not many people fly from there!) and as they were only there for 12 days, hadn’t bumped into said friend from nursery.  Perhaps if they’d know they were out there…

Out in the rain again this afternoon, and the cheetahs have decided that a bit of puddle jumping is now possible, as long as they wear their crocodile wellies.  Excellent.  The dinos (who, to be honest, I’d thought would be well up for a bit of mud and puddle action) apparently have extra long wellies that go right up to their waists to keep them dry and the banana people, as previously mentioned, have wetsuits and massive wellies too.  The cheetahs don’t seem need their “cover up-ers” today, although these were essential in the splashpark last week.  Maybe their water confidence is improving in line with that of their keeper.

We took the cheetahs bowling this afternoon to escape the weather whilst Alice was at a party.  The dinos and banana people stayed in the car (I think) – or maybe they were puddle jumping on their own.  They do seem to have pretty good road sense and do have the added advantage of the springs in their feet to get them over any large objects.

The cheetahs had their own special bowling balls (yellow with black spots I would assume) and had a lovely time, especially with the novelty of bowling shoes to try out.  Their keeper thoroughly thrashed his mother as well as frightening her by dropping the ball incredibly close to his toes.

And finally, to top it all, on the way back we discover there is a Cheetah Courier Service who have vans with cheetahs on them.  I wonder if the good folk in Hemel Hempstead actually realise their enterprise is owned and run by cheetah groups 3 & 4?  Great signs of entrepreneurship I think – it’s amazing what going out in the rain can do.

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