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Today, the Cheetahs have been to the Zoo


After a morning enjoying “their favourite hobby”, sleeping, the cheetahs, banana people and the dinos joined us for a trip to one of our regular trips to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.  (12 of the dinos had come to play with our next door neighbours and had a bath in Giles’s drink at lunchtime – apparently getting in through the letter box and happily returning in his shoes).

Whipsnade may have been the original inspiration for the cheetahs, we’d been fortunate enough to be there on one of the first occasions that their litter of cheetah cubs had been shown to the public last year.   At the time we’d thought he was more fascinated by weeing in the yellow sand and the running game in the exhibit, but he clearly formed a bond with the gorgeous bundles of fluff – although how they got into his trainers, I’ll never know.

So today, the cheetahs and the dinos came in the car with us whilst the banana people drove in their own car next to us – just on the white lines of the road and next to the car window so they didn’t get lost.  Apparently once we were in the zoo, the car developed springs so it could jump over the trees.  The cheetahs couldn’t bring their car today because it had to go to the garage to be fixed – it had a scratch on the roof where a bee had stung it and the front two wheels weren’t working properly.  I’m not sure when it will be back or who’s going to pay for the repairs…

Having been to the see the elephants, bird show, sealions, flamingos, tigers and to the Disovery Centre, the cheetahs had a good run home down the country lanes (they also have springs in their feet to get over the bits that they can’t run straight over).  They weren’t too sure about running through the trees but soon got the hang of it.  The banana people followed us home in their car and the dinos just came with us.  They’re all sleeping with Giles tonight, in his ice-cream van (bed) – they seem to like his current special of slug ice-cream with rusty MG and concrete…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

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